Hyperoids Video Tutorial

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This is Hyperoids, by BattleLine Games, thanks for playing. Hyperoids is a lot like the classic arcade game Asteroids, but bigger and better.

When you play you move your ship by moving your mouse cursor around the game screen in the direction you want to go. The further away from the center of your screen you move the mouse cursor, the faster the ship goes. Left click to fire your ship's guns.

The MiniMap is located in the upper right of the game screen. The player's location is shown on the MiniMap by a green '+'. The location of power ups are show by yellow dots, asteroids by gray dots, and enemy ships by red dots.

There is one power up located on each level. The power up looks like a gold sphere with a purple 'P' on it. When you maneuver your ship onto the power up it increases your ship's firepower.

To pass a level, you must destroy every asteroid on that level. Large asteroids take more than one hit to destroy. Larger asteroids split into two asteroids when they explode. Enemy ships charge at the player's ship.

The ship status is displayed in the top left corner of the game screen in a silhouetted version of the player's ship. It begins as a green silhouette and turns red as the player's ship is damaged.

The options menu button is located in the bottom right of the game screen. When you click the button the game menu opens. The game menu can be used to adjust the sound effects volume level as well as the music volume level. Click the Play button to continue playing Hyperoids.

Thanks for playing, and have fun!

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