Tell A Friend About Alien Invaders Attack!

I had to remove the web form for emailing a friend because spammers were using it to send out nefarious emails.

To Spammers:
Spamming is not a victimless crime. I have had to shut down forums, and my email forms because of your activities, and I can't put an email address on my web site unless I want it to be spammed into oblivion. You hurt small businesses, and individuals trying to make a living off the Internet. You also needlessly annoy millions.

Repent of your evil ways, or be tormented for all eternity by the Satan of Spammers, who forces the souls of dead spammers to spend eternity reading irrelevant emails from a tiny cubicle filled with hot embers.

Oh, and if you're here because you liked my games, please tell a friend. :)


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