How To Play Asteroid F

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Asteroid F is a freeware arcade style space shooter game, available for free download. Defend your ship from colliding asteroids and marauding alien invaders. Gather your power ups and blast your way out of danger.

In Asteroid F, you must use the keyboard to control your space ship and destroy the asteroids.

Keyboard Controls:
Up Arrow: Thrust
Down Arrow: Reverse Thrust
Left Arrow: Turn Left
Right Arrow: Turn Right
Space Bar: Shoot

Aim your space ship at an asteroid and hit the space bar to fire your ship's gun. If your weapon hits the asteroid, it will split in two. Continue blasting the asteroids until there are none left on the screen.

Asteroids Game Tutorial

From time to time, a power up will appear when you destroy an asteroid. A power up looks like a green sphere with a gold 'P' on it. Manuver your ship onto the power up, to improve your space ship's weapon, or your ship's speed.

Asteroids Game - Power Up

From time to time an ememy space ship will fly onto the screen. Avoid running into the ship, or it's weapons fire.

Asteroids Game - Enemy Ship

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